The Water Margin


If you're looking for clear skies, reliable sunshine and fine beaches, look no further than the Costa de Almeria. With at least 300 sunny days and more total sunlight than anywhere else in the world, this south eastern corner of Spain is blessed with a perfect holiday climate.

Asthma, arthritis and rheumatism sufferers also benefit from year-round warm conditions. The freedom from clouds makes the area very dry and gives it it's amazingly clear, bright light. Inland it's virtually desert, which is why so many famous films have been shot here. Several of the old film sets- including Mini Hollywood in the Sierra Alhamilla natural park - have been developed into complete Wild West towns, where you can enjoy dramatic western-style spectacles where the bank is robbed and the sheriff takes on the bad guy three times a day.

The bustling Spanish town of Berja is just 14 km from the motorway A7(340A) and 50km from Almeria. Its population is approximately 14,000, however Berja is still a farming town, surrounded by vineyards, fields, greenhouses and orchards. Two great rivers cross the area: the Grande River and the Chico River, both ending at the beaches of Adra, 14 km south of Berja town. The abundance of water has always been crucial to Berja’s trade and prosperity. Springs and fountains abound, both in town and in the surrounding countryside, where they irrigate the fields and orchards.

Along the coast from Almeria to Adra there are plenty of seaside resorts. These run from Aguadulce, with lots of tourist development, to Adra. Along the way is Roquetas de Mar, with a long beach, full size golf courses and a tourist complex which has few British visitors. Beautiful beaches such as Guardias Viejas, Balerma and Balangra lead to the old Phoenician (but now developed) town of Adra, with it's modern marina.

Almeria has a fine modern airport, served by an increasing number of scheduled and charter flights.

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